Airsoft As Training Tools

I like using airsoft as training tools. The gas blowback versions are almost perfect replicas of the real steel. They have the same ergonomics and controls, similar weight, and the gas blowback gives you some feedback when you fire. Plus they shoot 6mm plastic BBs so you get immediate feedback when they hit the target. The only problem is dealing with all those small BBs scattered everywhere.

Airsoft pistols are generally accurate for at least 10 yards and can be used indoors or outdoors. Be warned that they will put a dent in drywall so if you use them indoors make sure you aim into a cardboard box or other backstop. While they don't allow you to practice recoil management, you can practice drawing and shooting from a concealed holster and shooting on the move--two skills most ranges won't allow you to do on your own.

The gear is relatively inexpensive. Gas blowback pistols can be purchased from places like for $75 and up. In addition to the pistol you will also need BBs (I suggest 0.2gr in weight), some cans of green gas, and maybe some extra magazines if you want to practice mag changes. Always wear eye protection when using airsoft--the BBs do bounce. Some airsoft do not fit the real steel holster, some do. For example the WE Glock 17 airsoft needs a G21 holster, whereas the KWA 1911 fits in a standard 1911 holster. When in doubt ask the airsoft store.

You can also use airsoft to practice force-on-force training with a friend or two. Room clearing drills anyone?

March, 2018